What is a verified home?

The "Verified Home" is what sets Assisted Living Finders apart from other online placement companies and it's something we are very proud of.

Nearly every placement company claims to verify homes, but few have any substance behind those claims and some have even found themselves in hot water for deceptive marketing practices.

We put a lot of time, effort and capital into our verification process. In some cases our Advisors needs to travel hundreds of miles to perform the facility analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

A verified home is one where we've done the due diligence of reviewing available regulator resources like the Arizona Department of Health Services Care Check.

As seasoned industry professionals we can "read between the lines" in some of these regulatory reports. Sometimes a homes reports may look unfavorable, but when you dig into them the issues are minor. Other times what may look like an innocuous report points to potential future issues.

In a perfect world, Assisted Living Facilities would have no "dings" and there are MANY homes with these perfect records, but the reality is that if your only criteria for a home was a perfect record your search would be quite limited. It's important to have an experienced industry professional to help you decipher these reports.

Transparent Availability and Pricing Info

One of our requirements for facilities to have verified status is that they must have a complete facility profile on our website. If you don't get a good "feeling" from a facility listing on our site or the price isn't in your budget, then there is not much point in digging deeper into regulatory filings. As such, we want a facility to give you as much information upfront as possible.

Trust But Verify

To ensure that the information a facility provides is true and accurate an employee of Assisted Living Finders must inspect the site prior to the facility receiving our rating. In addition to verifying that the information is corrected the advisor may inspect deeper to see if past regulatory issues were corrected.

Annual and Spot Reviews

What looks good today might not be so good tomorrow. As such, we conduct annual reviews of facilities to ensure that their verified status is maintained. Additionally, if any information comes to our attention that would indicate a facility may no longer meet our criteria a spot review will be completed.

It's Still Not Enough

While we a very proud of our verification process we will be the first to admit that it's not enough when we are talking about the care, comfort, and safety of a loved one. Our Verified Home designation should not be relied upon in making your decision. It should be used as a guidepost. Our advisors are a wealth of information and can assist in your decision-making process. You will also want to perform your own due diligence.

To learn more about our verification process you can click here.