Verification Process


To receive a verified rating from Assisted Living Finders ("ALF") the process is as follows: The facility must have a complete profile on the website to include:
  • At least one picture
  • A detailed description of the facility
  • A list of all features/amenities.
  • A list of all rooms that would be available now or in the future.
  • A base price listed for each room available now or in the future.
The facility must request the verification rating by clicking the "request verification button".

Upon request of verification ALF will review the facilities website profile to ensure completeness. If complete an ALF employee will begin review of AZDHS surveys (step 1 below). If survey requirements are met the ALF employee will reach out to the facility primary contact to schedule the facility inspection (step 2 below).
  1. Review of most recent AZDHS survey
    • No enforcement actions in the last 12 months
    • No more than 3 Citations from previous state survey
    • Disqualifying Citations on most recent survey.
    • Medication Services Citation Concerning a controlled substance
    • Personnel Citation concerning leaving directed care patients alone in home
    • Environmental Standards Citation concerning poisonous or toxic materials.
  2. Facility review by Assisted Living Finders employee or agent.
    • If non-disqualifying citations were listed on previous survey
    • Manager or owner to be present and to demonstrate to ALF that deficiencies have been cured.
    • Verification that features/services listed on ALF website are true and accurate.
    • Verification that there are no clear and present health or safety hazards.
If for any reason a facility is unable to meet our verification requirements ALF will email the primary facility the reason(s) why and notify the earliest the facility can re-apply for verification. If a facility is unable to meet our verification requirements a rereview can be requested the later of the following:
  • 12 months from the date of the last AZDHS enforcement action.
  • 12 months from the date of the last disqualifying AZDHS citation.
  • 3 months from the last ALF facility review.

Assisted Living Finders policy on confidentiality concerning facility reviews

ALF will never publish that a facility has applied for verification and not met our standards. If a potential resident asks an ALF advisor if a facility ever requested verification and was denied the advisor will only disclose the following in the case of a denial:
  1. The advisor will point the potential resident to these verification criteria.
  2. The advisor will advise one of the following reasons for denial:
    • The facility did not complete their profile.
    • The facility did not meet our AZDHS survey requirements at the time of their request.
    • The facility did not have a facility inspection completed by ALF.
    • The facility did not pass ALF facility inspection requirements