Information For Facility Owners

Assisted Living Finders understands most Assisted Living Facility operators conduct their business in an ethical, transparent, and safe manner, with the upmost concern for their resident's safety, comfort, and wellbeing. Additionally, we understand how demanding it is for facilities and owners to provide top level care to their residents. It really is a tough job to provide top-level care and sometimes the only reward is knowing that you've given comfort and care to another person and their family when they need it most.

However, with the growing demand for senior housing and care solutions an increasing number of residential care facilities are opening where the operators have little or no experience and/or have prioritized profits over people.

Assisted living finders is not in the business of censuring businesses that do not meet our definition of quality, we leave that to the regulators and public opinion. We are in the business of highlighting businesses that provide a level of care and service that we would expect for ourselves and our family members.

Other assisted living placement companies have come under scrutiny by state and federal agencies for deceptive acts and practices regarding their claims that they "screen", "qualify" or "verify" assisted living facilities.

Our verification rating is not a marketing gimmick and as such we take our verification process very seriously. Facilities receiving our Verified Rating should already be proud of themselves, you don't our validation, but you can be sure that when our advisors speak to potential residents about a facility that is verified that advisor is speaking about a home that they would recommend for their own loved ones.

Benefits of Verified Rating:

  • Your facility receives more prominent listing on our site.
  • The rating carries weight with potential residents and their families.
  • Additional features and services become unlocked once you are verified:
  • The ability to have our widget on your current website that shows your current availability and pricing.
  • The ability to sign-up for our website package. The website is completely yours.
  • The ability to integrate with our payment gateway. Collect deposits, monthly resident rent, setup recurring payments. All at deeply discounted rates compared to traditional merchant accounts.
  • Add our assisted living software to your website package. Gives you the ability to run your business electronically, eMARs, service plans, assessments, printable documents and forms, system alerts for missed medications, staff assignments and more.
  • Exclusive vendor discounts for services necessary to the operation of your business.
  • Access to private online community of other verified home owners allowing you to share recommendations, best practices and gain insights from other high-level facilities.
We are proud of our Verified Rating and recipients of this rating should be proud as well. To view or verification process click here.